BZT a.k.a. Bomb Buddies 3 Update

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, Valve’s change to Greenlight doesn’t affect Blast Zone! Tournament. 🙂 We are already registered Steam developers and Blast Zone! Tournament is already an approved game. As soon as we have the trailer ready, our Steam “Coming Soon” page will be launched.

The customization page is coming along well. We worked out a way to have thousands of items while keeping easy/fast to browse through them.

At launch, BZT items will have 3 rarities:

  • Common
  • Epic
  • Legendary

You’ll have thousands of unique items to acquire. The customization items come in the following types:

  • Skin, hair, eye colors – We currently have 68 skin colors, 40 hair colors, and 17 eye colors. Expect more colors by launch.
  • Hat / Hair – Hats come in various designs and colors combinations. Common rarity hairs use your selected hair color; rarer hairs have specific colors (like a rainbow-striped mohawk).
  • Face – Faces come in various styles and use your selected skin and eye colors. There are some special faces which override your skin color choice (such as Frankenstein).
  • Clothes – Clothes come in numerous design and color combinations.

Work continues on the male 3d customization items. And, serious work has begun on getting the girls looking great too.

We know people want the launch date, screenshots, videos, … As soon as it is possible, we’ll get you more information. Know the team at Victory Lap Games is diligently working on Blast Zone! Tournament and we are doing our best to hurry up.  🙂



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