BZT! backpacks and more!

Hi everyone,

We are still looking for music and digging through Also, special thanks to Andy Crosby for a ton of information on music licensing.

Last week, the character customization system became fully functional. We also got in “backpacks” so you can save your favorite looks and easily cycle between them. In BZT, both boy and girl customizations are saved within the backpacks so you can easily switch between them.

The 3d character art is currently being worked on by 3 artists and they are making great progress.

The main menu is now pretty! I’ll keep it a surprise for the video, yet everything came together well.

This week, we are busy as usual. A lot of work is going into the environment renderer, I already saw a sweet test render of one of the maps. We are also adding full gamepad support through all the lobby UI menus. BZT supports the following types of controls:

  1. Gamepads – a ton of different types, we have already been using PS4 and Xbox 360 controllers with our PCs
  2. Mouse & Keyboard – Mouse or keyboard menu navigation, keyboard gameplay
  3. Touch screen controls – Touch for menus, swipe/virtual stick/virtual dpad for gameplay

We know people want to be able to play ASAP. We also want to start BETA  and get your feedback. What I can say is that progress has been great and we are getting closer.


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