InControl vs Rewired – fight!

Here is this week’s Blast Zone! Tournament update.

First, thanks to Alex Gould aka Broomop for getting us to look at Flip Wars! Flip Wars gameplay is similar to our “Paint the Tiles” game mode, yet without bombs, and they have some cool interactive objects within their levels.

Also, thanks to Those Awesome Guys, the makers of Move or Die, for providing us with a solid set of gamepad button icons! BTW Move or Die is fun, check it out.

Unity’s base controller support is far from robust; so, we investigated using both InControl and Rewired.

InControls Pro’s and Con’s

  • Very easy to use, $35
  • Very simple to understand
  • Doesn’t handle multiple controllers in a reasonable manner, InControl should NEVER be used a game that requires more than a single gamepad. Disconnecting ANY gamepad disconnects ALL gamepads and InControl, given how it’s written, has no way to know which players were using the remaining gamepads – imagine playing a 4-player coop game in which every time any gamepad is out of power or disconnects for any reason, then all the local players lose control of their characters and have to use a dialog box to re-associate their gamepads to their characters. InControl’s author excuses this behavior as he claims it is impossible to fix; in reality, the problem can be fixed yet it requires writing native code for each platform.

Rewired Pro’s and Con’s

  • Rewired has a larger upfront learning curve, $45
  • Setting up Rewired takes more time, yet after using its tool the export game constants you’ll have cleaner game code
  • Rewired player-centric architecture is awesome and it is designed at its core to properly support multiple gamepads and COOP games – it fully handles all controller disconnect cases and works very well on PC, Mac, and all console systems (Amazing!)

Why use InControl? If you are an indie making a game that requires a single gamepad then InControl might be for you. InControl standardizes input from various gamepads and it isn’t really possible to properly support gamepads without a 3rd party API. InControl is simple to use, inexpensive, and anyone that can program a game in C# will quickly understand how to use InControl.

Why use Rewired? It is my opinion that any professional game developer would highly prefer Rewired. Rewired is currently the ONLY great choice if you want to make a game with local multiplayer. The initially steeper learning curve pays off big time due to its more robust feature set and superior system architecture. Rewired is awesome; and, it’s only $10 more.

We are using Rewired for Blast Zone! Tournament.

~~more next week~~



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