Partying, Revenge, Mutators

Hi everyone,

Last week, we began to dig into 3 systems for Blast Zone! Tournament:

  1. Partying in BZT is beginning to work well. The “party system” doesn’t care if players are using their own machines or if all the players are using a single machine – or any combination. Regardless of where you are, or which machine you are using, you’ll be able to party up with your friends and join multiplayer matches together. And, any combination of up to 8 remote players, local players, and AIs will be able to participate in Exhibition matches. For 32 player Battle Royale, up to 8 players will be able to team up using a single party.
  2. In Bomb Buddies, some game modes were single elimination which resulted in knocked out players passively watching the remaining players compete for victory. BZT will have a “Revenge” gameplay mechanic. If you get knocked out, you’ll be placed outside the playfield and be able to throw bombs at the remaining players. If you score a hit, you’ll go back into the match. This way, all players can participate the whole match. But, what if you don’t want Revenge on (read below)?
  3. In Exhibition mode, we will offer match Mutators and player Handicaps.  🙂  If you want Revenge off, no problem.  🙂  If you want everyone to start with Speed 5, ok. If you want to have one particular player start with 3 lives, that’s ok too. If you have any ideas for match Mutators or player Handicaps, reply below!
  1. Thiago Esquiavam 3 years ago

    I really liked it that way, but I was a bit confused. Will you still have the normal “Free for All” mode?

  2. This player business dies and then stay out of the arena playing bomb and very annoying, I hope you have option to withdraw use mode please…

  3. Author
    admin 3 years ago

    Yes, you can turn off Revenge and then play Bomb Buddies style single elimination “Free for All” exactly like before.

  4. Just can not take the original mode, because not everyone will like it like bomberman and similar games, that after being dead attacking bombs out of the arena …

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