Blast Zone! Tournament update!

Hi all,

Since the last update, we added a full-time backend programmer and 3 additional artists to the game!  🙂

To ensure BZT’s backend servers run smoothly even at large scale, we are using PlayFab for the majority of the underlying server functionality. PlayFab has lots of great features including a robust leaderboard system, cross-platform login, … Check it out! For the server-side gameplay code, we started with Bomb Buddies server code and have been improving it. Our goal is for BZT’s servers to be rock solid from the start of BETA.

We have also made great progress on vfx, environment art, as well as characters. We know people want to see the new game and have been iterating on the storyboards for Blast Zone! Tournament’s upcoming trailer video.

Lastly, a bunch of work has gone into Exhibition Mode and the party system. All 281 levels and 8 game modes that can be played online can also be played in offline multiplayer, with or without bots, using multiple gamepads on a single device. Also, our bot AI is stellar. We don’t think anyone will be able to beat 7 Hall-of-Fame bots in Free-of-All – at least we cannot.

  1. Omega 3 years ago

    “We don’t think anyone will be able to beat 7 Hall-of-Fame bots in Free-of-All – at least we cannot”.

    If the bots don’t have some kind of new revolutionary KI (which i think is unlikely ;D) they will not be able to adopt to a higher human skill level.

    • Author
      admin 3 years ago

      @Omega, we look forward to finding out if you can beat them. So far, nobody internally has won a standard layout (hard and soft blocks alternating) 8-player 11×17 board that has lots of powerups on it. More funky board layouts offer additional ways to trap people. 🙂

  2. Mahmoud Hussien 3 years ago

    When will u come back please ??? i used like 600$ on this game for nothing :/ ty please tell me when will it back

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