BZT Screenshot, Status Update, Launch Date

Hey everyone,

First, here is a screenshot of Blast Zone! Tournament. It was taken at 1080p, during an 8-player Knockout match with Revenge turned on. 🙂 Soon you’ll get to see BZT running in 4k @ 60 FPS. There are tons of details that can only be seen in motion such as moving shadows, dynamic lighting, and even the plants blowing in the wind.

We are working on the trailer and should get the BZT characters on test animation rigs this week. Also, we are nearing completion on the in-game sports arena. We will post more screenshots as soon as the new stadium is ready.

We will be launching BZT by August 2018 on the PC (Steam), PS4, and on the Xbox One. The exact month depends on a number of factors such as our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter will happen ASAP after BZT’s trailer is online. So, the release date may change.

Also, Chris got married to his girlfriend and then promptly got back to working on the settings page for BZT. 🙂

More soon!


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