5 New Blast Zone! Tournament Screenshots

The new Blast Zone! Tournament screenshots are of the Race Track level as well as the Customization, Challenge, and Exhibition pages. The 3rd Challenge of each level is TOUGH! Who will earn the most stars?

C4 explosion at the Race Track.

We were playing Treasure mode when we took the pic.The Race Track level looks great as explosions go off!

Lots of styles to try on.

We are finishing up on the 3d assets. There are already over 1000 items to earn. And, more will be released post-launch.

Sooo many colors!

In addition to outfits, hats, hair styles, faces, and emotes… Players earn colors for their hair, skin, and eyes.

Ready to try the 2nd challenge.

The explosively fun single-player campaign teaches all the gameplay mechanics in BZT. Each level is offered in 3 progressively more challenging versions. The layout of each version of the level is unique while the skill/mechanic/ability required for victory is the same. Caution: Each level’s 3rd star is tough to get and only the best players will be able to earn them.

First screenshot of Blast Zone! Tournament.

Anyone notice the Remote Bomb? It’s a blast!

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  1. I'm Great! 3 years ago

    I like the graphics they look awesome! It’s gonna be a great game absolutely. I appreciate all of your efforts for this game.

    Things I don’t like which are the faces of the characters and their costumes, can you improve these aspects somehow?

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