BZT: Update on Battle Royale Mode and more

Hope the holidays went well for everyone! We had a bit of time off and are now back to work on BZT and fully recharged.

Blast Zone! Tournament’s new 32-player Battle Royale Mode is becoming more fun. We are experimenting with board sizes, spawn point locations, as well as the cadence of block falling to make the effective board size smaller as bombers are knocked out. Winning an online Battle Royale awards permanent prizes. The design is in flux and it is getting better and better.

The trailer video continues to make progress. The script is locked down and we are iterating on the overall timing while capturing additional gameplay footage.

We have been playing BZT a lot lately, making bug fixes, and polish tweaks. After a lot playtesting, we are removing “Rounds” from Exhibition mode as it turns out to not be needed. Mutators and handicaps are working well and really do add even more variety to multiplayer.

More updates soon!


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