Blast Zone! Tournament RELEASE DATE and Scoring Design

Launch Update

Overall we are doing well, the Steam Early Access version of Blast Zone! Tournament will *likely* be released in June as intended. We are still doing compatibility, multiplayer, … testing so we don’t know the exact launch day yet. The one potential delay for us is if we need to upgrade from Unity 2017.3 to Unity 2018.1. There is a Unity-Nvidia compatibility crash that can occur on some machines, Unity fixed it in 2018.1. We’ll eventually get on Unity 2018 and would prefer upgrade Unity after BZT’s Early Access begins. We’ll know more in the coming few weeks.

The very last system getting revised before BZT’s Steam Early Access launch is the scoring system. We have included high-level design document so interested players can see what goes into a scoring system. We tend to use the “outline format” below for design documents as its very fast to modify and quicker to read than big blocks of text. Let us know if you see any flaws or areas for improvement.

Also, we are always looking to work with great people. The best way to make something great is to collaborate with exceptional partners. We are actively looking for partners to assist with publishing support, tournaments, localization, testing, and more. If you or your company are potentially interested in working with us then we’d like to hear from you, email us at

Scoring Design



  • Foster competition and active participation of all players
  • Work robustly with N (2 to 32) teams each of which can have 1 to 31 team members
  • Maximize definitive outcomes with an explicit winning team
    • Eliminate Draw as it feels hollow
      • It’s possible for every team to lose
  • Be as simple as possible while supporting the above goals
  • Have multiplayer scores immediately displayed
    • Avoid any “end-of-match bonuses” which could affect which team wins a match

Player Stats

  • OB – “on the board” includes living players, zombies in zombie mode, and players waiting for auto-respawn
    • Temporary “Waiting for respawn” in Respawn, Coin, Bomb Blast, … doesn’t remove a player from the OB state
  • RV – Revenge Bombers on the outer ring
  • PD – Perma-death, not OB nor RV, cannot come back
    • Bombers that network disconnect are also PD
    • So, PD can happen in all game modes
      • In Bomb Blast, Respawn, Coin, and Zombie the only way to PD is to network disconnect from the game
      • Controller disconnects just leave the bomber uncontrolled and “standing there without input”, not disconnected
  • !OB is RV or PD bombers

Team Death Order List (TDOL)

  • A team is put at end of list when all bombers are !OB
  • A team can be removed from the TDOL if a Revenge bomber is successful and returns to OB
  • !TDOL means a team has at least 1 OB bomber
  • If 2 or more teams die at same time
    • Their death orders are determined by team scores at time of death
      • If tied, then use relative Team Performances
        • If team performances are same, then tied teams all get the lower rank

Multiplayer Performance (not score)

  • Individual Performance = 100 x Kills – 100 x Deaths – 100 x Suicide – 100 x Team Kills + 2 * # Powerup Pickups (-1 pickup for power downs) + blocks broken + OB time bonus + 100 * coins (coin mode only) + 100 * tiles (Bomb Blast only)
    • Maximum is 9999
  • Team Performance = sum of team member performances divided by # of players on team
    • The divide makes asymmetrical team sizes work better (4v1 for example)


  • Game-specific details are listed below in the Game Mode Scoring Rules section
  • Team and individual performance is used to break scoring ties

End of Game results

  • Only #1 rank team wins
  • !TDOL Teams are sorted by team scores
    • Modes like Coin and Bomb Blast utilize Respawn and thus can only have a TDOL team when entire an entire team drops from multiplayer
    • Team score ties are resolved by team performance
    • If 2+ highest !TDOL teams have same score and perf, then they lose
  • For TDOL Teams, TDOL order determines the team’s rank
  • Medals
    • Medals only occur in online ranked games
    • A max of 3 awarded per match: Gold, Silver, Bronze
    • First sort by individual score
      • Ties broken with individual performance
        • If performance also ties, N players get lower position
          • If 4 top players have same score and performance, then they all are considered in 4th place and no medals are given
          • All medal’ing cases: 1,2,3 and 1,3,3 and 2,2,3 and 3,3,3


  • Used to rank the non-TDOL teams
    • In all game modes, the match ends if there is only 1 OB team
  • The in-game scoreboard only shows 2 teams
    • There might be up to 32 teams in a match
    • 1st place team is always shown
    • 2nd team
      • If any of the remaining teams have a local player not on 1st place team, then show highest non-1st place team with a local player, otherwise show 2nd place team
      • EXAMPLE OF WHY: Team and pvp coin mode, you know who is in 1st and how far you are from catching up. Or 8 player pvp Respawn (see leader and self).
    • Team Info
      • Team Score – shown as a number
      • MVP of the team will have name shown on scoreboard
        • MVP is the bomber with highest individual score
          • Tie broken with performance

Odds & Ends

  • Cannot Revenge Respawn if only kill teammates
    • Will only successfully revenge respawn if there is at least 1 enemy killed
  • Successful revenge
    • Counts as a death to the victim
    • The revenging killer doesn’t get a kill, he gets to come back OB
      • Team kills are still counted

Game Mode Scoring Rules


  • Team Score = Number of coins collected by the team
    • Performance only used to break ties and not shown on the scoreboard
  • End Conditions
    • Time runs out
    • Only one team OB (other teams dropped)


  • Team Score = Number of ground tiles painted by a team
    • Performance only used to break ties and not shown on the scoreboard
  • Repainting own team’s tiles doesn’t count toward an individual’s score
  • End Conditions
    • Time runs out
    • Only one team OB (other teams dropped)


  • Team Score =  ((Number of OB teammates / # team members) * 10000) + team performance
    • The only way to become !OB is to network disconnect
  • End Conditions
    • Time runs out
    • Only one team OB (other teams dropped)


  • Team Score =  ((Number of OB teammates / # team members) * 10000) + team performance
  • Results of these rules
    • If >1 !TDOL teams at end, team with most OB players will always win
    • If >1 team remaining, the same # of OB players, then team performance determines a winner
  • End Conditions
    • If no blocks, time could run out
    • Immediately ends as soon as only 1 team has OB team members
      • Not always just 1 player as teams can have 1 to 31 players
    • If blocks are enabled and all blocks fall before a victory
      • Team performance will determine team ranks of remaining teams
      • TDOL order for TDOL teams

KINGS – Lives, Revenge for guards (must be on teams)

  • Team Score = Same as Knockout
  • King cannot drop bombs, gets infinite pickup and throw
    • All OB Kings can drop bombs only if no OB guards on any team
    • NOTE: Guards could all be in Revenge
  • If king dies
    • King cannot revenge, yet could have lives (so still OB)
    • If king is not OB, all of his team immediately dies
      • NOTE: There can be more than 2 teams
  • End Conditions
    • Game ends immediately if only 1 team is OB
    • Time runs out

ZOMBIE – Lives (no teams)

  • Teams ALWAYS are just 1 player
  • Team Score = Same as Knockout (yet lose 10000 point OB bonus when Zombie)
    • But there is no real death so death order not important unless there are disconnects
  • End Conditions
    • Out of time
    • Immediately if everyone is a Zombie (scored by performance)
    • If only one player OB
      • This could only happen via network disconnects
    • NOTE: Game doesn’t end if only one player alive
      • He must survive until the time runs out or all other players network drop
    • Given Knockout scoring, bombers surviving until the match time runs out will all have the 10000 + performance
      • So, being the only living bomber at end-of-match ensures Victory as individual performance is capped at 9999

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