Blast Zone! Tournament – 2 languages away

Hi everyone,

We have completed 10 out of 12 languages for Blast Zone! Tournament (English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional). We are still finalizing the French and Japanese versions. Check out the Blast Zone! Tournament Steam store page and let us know if you see any translation issues.

Each day, we are fixing all the new glitches that are found. We now spend greater than 50% of our time playing the game looking for problems. The number and severity of newly found bugs are decreasing rapidly. As soon as the languages are complete and we can go a few days playing the game without any serious issues, we’ll be ready to launch the Early Access. What day will that be? Soon, but not this week as French will not be complete until the weekend. Otherwise, it purely depends on which new glitches we find via play.

Thank you for your continued support.


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