Blast Zone! Tournament – One last thing before launch~

Hey everyone,

Blast Zone! Tournament is in final QA, the goal is to submit the build to Steam *very soon*.

We have some players debating speed. In BZT, if you want the EXACT speeds used in Bomb Buddies, set the speed Mutator in the Exhibition page to 170%. After you play, let us know your thoughts on the following Speed Mutator settings:

Speed 100% // Speed we are using to start
0.35f, // 1.05 blocks in 3 secs
1.016667f, // 3.05 blocks in 3 secs
1.683333333f, // 5.05 blocks in 3 secs
2.35f, // * base speed * 7.05 blocks in 3 secs
2.683333333f, // 8.05 blocks in 3 secs
3.016666667f, // 9.05 blocks in 3 secs
3.35f, // 10.05 blocks in 3 secs
3.6833333f, // 11.05 blocks in 3 secs
4.016667f, // 12.05 blocks in 3 secs

Speed 114% // Incremental increase
1.04f, 1.34f, 1.74f, 2.44f, 2.84f, 3.24f, 3.64f, 4.04f, 4.64f

Speed 133% // Bomb Buddies to Speed 7 (most players didn’t have speed 8 or 9)
1.04f, 1.76f, 2.48f, 3.20f, 3.92f, 4.28f, 4.64f, 5.0f, 5.36f

Speed 170% // 100% Bomb Buddies – Exact values from speed 1 to speed 9
1.04f, 1.76f, 2.48f, 3.20f, 3.92f, 4.64f, 5.36f, 6.08f, 6.80f

So, to play Knockout EXACTLY like Bomb Buddies, turn Revenge – OFF, and set the Speed mutator to 170%. Let’s discuss speed balance after you have the game. The goal is for POWER, BOMB, and SPEED to be well balanced. And, we will work with you to find it. We will see you online soon.


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