Massive Update! Play now on Steam!

Bomber Speed Increase
  • Faster bomber at all speed levels (1 – 9)
  • Thanks Nougat and others for the very helpful suggestions; we playtested these new speed values in numerous multiplayer matches and believe that these values should feel great for a wide range of players
  • NOTE: Setting Speed to 170% on Mutators Page continues to 100% match Bomb Buddies
Full Controller Support
  • Totally revamped chat (see below)
  • “Quick chat” for lobby, in-game, and at end-of-game
  • Keypad for password entry
Totally Revamped Chatting
  • Chatlog style chatting
  • Ability to press “Enter” key to open chat even when using gamepad
  • Press “Start” on gamepad to toggle chat log
In-Game Quick Chat
  • These messages are automatically translated; talk with players around the world!
  • 16 in-game quick chat messages
  • Pressing any one of the 4 shoulder buttons on a gamepad offers 4 unique chat options
  • See settings page for the remappable in-game chat key bindings for keyboard 1 & 2
Lobby & End-of-Game Quick Chat
  • These messages are automatically translated; talk with players around the world!
  • 100s of in-lobby quick chat options
  • Pressing X button opens Lobby/End-of-Game chat quick chat wheel
  • Pressing X button continues message, use A button to complete the chat message
  • Only available when using a gamepad
End-of-game Improvements
  • In multiplayer, see all players info before seeing your EXP increase screen
  • Extended time from 10 to 15 seconds
Tons of AI Improvements
  • More intelligent bomb dropping
  • AIs use quick chat
Lots of UI Improvements
  • Added a “Restart” button to the in-game options menu
  • On social page, selecting a bomber and then going back to a bomber list will preserve the selected bomber
  • Clicking on any bomber in the lobby will go to the correct bomber even if its customization data hasn’t been fetched from the server yet
Localization Improvements
  • Lots of improved text lines in various languages

Hope you have a blast!

–The Blast Zone! Tournament Team


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