Score, Kick/Punch/Throw, Network, and a LOT more improvements!

Scoring Kills – Expert Players are Awarded!

When a bomber is caught in a multiple bomb explosion chain, here is how we now determine who is awarded the kill:

1. Find the closest in-range bomb in the chain, on the same X or Z as the hit bomber, with an owner on a different team. That bomb’s owner is awarded the kill.
2. If (1) doesn’t award a kill, then find the closest Hamiltonian distance bomb with an owner on a different team. That bomb’s owner is awarded the kill.
3. Otherwise, the owner of the 1st bomb in the chain to explode is awarded the kill

The result is that using punch, kick, or throw to trap or stun kill bombers results in the correct killer being assigned. Also, significantly less kills are deemed suicides or team kills.

Punch, Kick, & Throw – Improved!

You can now drop a bomb on one tile, then move onto an adjacent tile (and up .4 meters onto it) and still successfully punch, kick, or throw the previously dropped bomb that is behind you and on a different tile.

High-Latency High-Packet-Loss Network Board Synchronization

1. Fixed rare cases where it was possible for invisible blocks to remain after bombs exploded
2. Fixed rare cases in which invisible or ghost powerups could be created
3. Fixed rare case where bombers could disappear or flicker while running
4. Successfully landing a Revenge Kill looks nicer
5. Additional code to ensure the board remains 100% in-sync even if someone has a high degree of packet loss and 500ms+ latency

UI Cleanup

1. Snappier button clicks
2. No longer need to click on a bomber to rotate the lobby screen
3. All popup dialogs close when a match begins
4. Lock out UI tabbing when popups are displayed
5. UI behind a popup cannot take focus in any manner
6. In the lobby, disable bomber selection and rotation in all necessary cases
7. In-game quick chat button maps now display correctly for all players on each machine
8. More text scaling adjustments for Asian languages
9. Additional UI-related improvements

Additional Bug Fixes

1. Treasure Mode – Coin drops are no longer throttled in online games
2. AIs use Quick Chat more intelligently
3. Fixed black screen on 1st run that was due to a Steam Client update
4. Improved level 3-1 dialog text
5. Lots of Kings Mode improvements!
6. Lots of Zombie Mode improvements!
7. Additional AI improvements
8. Lots more!


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