Black Friday Update

Here are the improvements in the latest update for Blast Zone! Tournament:

1. Scoring Algorithm

  • With the help of feedback from the BZT community, we further refined the scoring algorithm to ensure the proper bomber gets awarded each kill

2. In-game Scoreboard & HUD

  • Moved to a title-safe position so it is visible on all TVs
  • Renders behind characters now
  • Hide pause button when primary user is using a gamepad

3. Good Neighbor Achievement

  • Now can obtain it much easier

4. Smarter AIs

  • AIs more strategically go after powerups
  • Better navigation during “sudden death” falling blocks – for revenged and on-board AIs

5. 2x Portuguese

  • Split European and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Both languages are available within the Setting Page

6. More robust networking

  • Scale testing past 100,000 CCU

7. Smoother frame rate

  • Warm up all shaders in the load sequences
  • Avatar customization caching

8. Parties

  • Better handling of guests joining and leaving parties

9. Improved audio

  • Reduced the number of simultaneous explosion sounds to keep audio from clipping at the start of 32-player Battle Royale matches

10. Additional bug fixes

  • Fixed various small bugs to further refine the user experience

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