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    Hi everyone!

    We are adding eSports features to BZT! What features do you want in BZT?


    1.) Kick, Throw and Shield items to be banned from competitive play
    2.) No timer where after a certain time indestructible blocks fall from above on the map like in Bomb Buddies
    3.) Competitive seasons that last for weeks/month with a ranking system, after every season the ranking resets and starts from scratch
    4.) Tournaments (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4)
    5.) Individual statistics for the above mentioned eSport/competitive modes (Games played/Win/Draw/Loss/Kills/Deaths). Maybe even calculating each stat in % too.

    There are many ways how a battle in competitive/eSport mode could look like.
    A 1vs1 best of 5 match for example. The one that gets 5 kills first wins.

     Son Goku

    Basically, I like all the game mode and feature of the original Bomb Buddies</span>

    1) Add. feature  💡  like story mode combat with AI some mission as individual and some mission as team likes MMOG. In this way it assist the new player to become better player and also training for teamwork for team competition in foreseeable future   😉

    2) Tournament as single game in 8 player or 4 player and as 2 or 4 in team competition</span>

    However I would not like the speed 9 or 8 </span></span>

    i strongly suggest that first 5 seconds must switch off the equipment throw punch or kick  due to fair play

    #justopinion CHEER

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by Son Goku.

    Particularly I like the original mode of Bomb buddies, its super punch mode, super kick and super Throw and its jogablidade is very good ….
    1) story mode, passing from phases killing bichos and mode against the machine playing with characters of the game, to train, if possible mode history and training mode could play until without intrernet, offline (with characters) bomberman, more without characters throwing bombs After death, with an easy way, difficult and very difficult, would be very interesting ..

    2) Tournaments (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4) Competitive seasons that last for weeks with ranking system, after each season the ranking is restarted and starts from zero … Kick, Throw and Shield items to be banned from the competitive game …

    3) Monthly challenges that give prizes, clothes emotes moneys or gold …

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