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    Hello to the adm Bzt site …
    so I would like to know where the money that is being invested in the game is coming from, since you have already been working on the game for 1 year, and the team must already be large and more and more are added new members and the salary of a class This level is not a small thing ….

     Christopher M. Pfeiffer 

    Mike McManus and I are both using our savings, primarily earned while working at Kabam, to fund the development of Blast Zone! Tournament. Is that risky? Yes.

    We believe in Blast Zone! Tournament and are deeply invested in making it a success.


    Thank you very much for your attention, I and the members of BB thank you from now on for you have not given up on the game, it is a fantastic game that has marked our lives a lot, we end up meeting many friends and clinging in a way without description, the game was Great, I know you guys want to improve even better, I like that.

    I and Jorge Soares among others already created a COMMUNITY and a channel in YOU TUBE to help in the divulgations …

    And surely this new game will be a success, these efforts and their investments will not be in vain, we want this top game a lot …


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