No buying power in BZT!

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    In Bomb Buddies and Blast Zone!, players could buy items that directly affected their in-game performance. All these types of items are being removed from Blast Zone! Tournament. All players will be able to get Speed 9 and Bomb 9, nobody gets a free respawn every match or always has a radar on. Because of this, we no longer need the item bar that was on the bottom on the screen. Items like Radar and Respawn will be turned into powerups that all players can pickup during a match.

    Players will continue to have an indicator for if they have punch, kick, or throw active.

    Also note, the removal of the item bar is great for local multiplayer as having 8 items bars displayed on a single monitor wouldn’t have been reasonable.  🙂


    That is some good news but i dislike the Speed 9 thing heavily.

    9 max speed is way too high, that’s 9 different speed tiers.
    I would rather have max Speed 3 where you can clearly recognize what amount of speed-up’s a player has collected.
    It is also better for tournaments that will not be completely equal and overall for normal game modes too.


    I honestly did not like this removal of the items bar, because the bar never messed up the players, it does and facilitate a lot … and in the matter of taking the reviver and radar is a bad idea, radar and revive have to have in the store To be bought and have in the bar .. the only powers that have to have and punch kick throw bombs and fires …!¡!


    You both have good points. Thanks!

    NOTE: We will have radar and revive powerups on game boards.

    We want give players options while ensuring matches are skill based. The item bar itself isn’t pay-to-win if all players have fair access to items.

    We can try out what it is like to reduce the bar slots to maybe 2 to 4 items so that BTZ can play well on PC/Mac and also on the PS4 and Xbox One. As then, we could have matches where players all start with a revive and/or the ability to activate throw when they want to do so,have powerups that grant items in-game, and offer additional strategic options to players.

    As for the speed 9 issue, in BETA we will balance the hero max speed to be fun and well balanced for tournament play. The goal will be to find a “very much liked max speed”; we can hopefully do better than having 33% of players wanting it faster, 33% saying it is perfect, and 33% wanting it slower. 🙂


    I agree to the removal of the bar, but I have an opinion that could be increased…

    After collecting Kick / Throw / Punch, you can use simultaneously using a key for each power-up.


    Kick – Ctrl or just pushing without pressing anything

    Throw – Pressing C

    Punch – Pressing Z

    Equal to the Bomberman game.


    Revival and Radar, not good for a competition…


    Reviving is not really cool, for a championship, this I fully agree …!!¡¡


    Good point, @Skipper. I agree.

    , regarding speed issue/suggestion, why not add ability to modify max speed? Just wondering.

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