No RNG in real money tournaments! We need your feedback!

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    Do we have an eSports players out there? There some very specific gameplay requirements for eSports and we want your feedback.

    In tournaments that award real world money, say $50,000 USD, we need to ensure there is no RNG (random number generator) influence on the gameplay. The reason is that if there is RNG during real money tournament gameplay then the tournament could be considered “gaming” aka gambling. Gambling for money is illegal in many places while skill-based eSports are legal. We want to ensure BZT tournaments are as fun as possible while also being purely based on player skill.

    In tournaments, all players will have the exact same starting and maximum values for Speed, Bomb, and Power.

    Here are some of the RNG gameplay elements in BZT and some initial ideas on how they can be altered in real money tournaments:

    1. Random powerups inside of soft blocks
      • All players will be shown the location of all powerups before the match begins
      • Before the match, all powerups in soft blocks will start floating above the soft blocks then sink down into them
    2. On player death, the dying player’s powerups are randomly dropped all over the game board
      • Players will not drop powerups on death
        • The challenge is that after a powerup is picked up, the powerup is permanently removed from the game board which leaves less powerups for the other players
        • Here are some ideas of help ensure their are enough powerups on the board, these ideas aren’t related to RNG yet may help the game be more fun – what do you think?
          • (Optional) Players will not be able to pickup powerups that aren’t needed. If a player already has Speed 9, he will not be able to pickup more Speed powerups and will instead run through them.
          • (Optional) Some locations will offer powerups that respawn on a fixed interval. For example, a tile will spawn a new throw powerup every 3 seconds after the last powerup was picked up. These locations will be clearly marked. When the powerup respawns, if 2 or more players are standing on the tile then there are 2 options with no RNG
            • All the players will be awarded the powerup
            • The 1st player on the tile will be awarded the powerup
          • (Optional) Powerups can be made non-burnable which means that explosions will not destroy them. This also helps ensure there are generally more powerups available to players.
    3. Not all spawn locations are equal – players on the edge have a slightadvantage and players in corners have a slight disadvantage
      • NOTE: Randomizing spawn locations cannot be used in real money tournaments as that is RNG
      • If tournaments use teams
        • Use symmetrical board layouts to ensure both teams have equal access to all powerups
        • Ensure both teams have the same number of team members in the corner or on an edge
      • Individual tournament (non-team)
        • Do a “best of X” style gameplay where X is the number of games played on a single board
          • For example, use a 6-player map with 4 corner spawn points and 2 edge spawn points
            • We can score the match across 3 games
            • This way, all players get 1 game where they spawned on the edge and 2 games where they spawned in a corner

    Does anyone have additional ideas or opinions on the various ideas above? We fully welcome your feedback on how to best ensure tournaments are fun while solely based on skill.


    When we did competitive tournaments (2 vs 2 for example) we destroyed all destructible blocks and shared all items equally to all 4 player. Once all the destructible blocks were destroyed and all items got picked up we started the match.
    Our game had no option to start with a empty map and +8 bombs +8 Power from the start, that’s why the community came up with this idea that gives equal chances.

    So if you want everything equal you can let the players start on a map without destructible blocks and give them a equal amount of items so that they are ready to go instantly. This mode would be truly a eSports mode.

    Also, starting with a map like you described for competitive play isn’t as good as a empty map because players can kill themselves while trying to blast away the destructible blocks and this would just look stupid and will lead to not direct battle with the other player.

    I personally would never use 6-player maps even in 1 vs. 1 modes since a bigger map means more room for combos and players would live slightly longer.

     Randi K.

    I used to play eSports for the game Hearthstone. Although, I never made it to the finals, some of the tournament rewards are cash prizes. The game does have an RNG aspect in which the player has to rely on drawing the right cards at the right time and using skill to beat their opponent. I don’t know what’s Blizzard Entertainment’s workaround for that, but Hearthstone is definitely an eSports game with RNG.

    Concerning BZT, I think Omega’s idea for starting everyone off with equal max power ups (7-7-7) and no destructible blocks is a great way to play out a tournament/eSports mode. Also, I think if you’re going to have a 1 vs 1 mode, reduce the size of the map and create something equivalent to a “4-player map”. Like Omega said, with a 6-player map there’s too much space and matches could take a long time.

    Alternatively, if the idea to start everyone with equal power ups doesn’t work out, it would be good to not have players drop power ups at all upon death. To compensate for this, I agree that power ups should not be burnable and that players cannot pick up any more power ups than their maximum capacity.

    On a side note, I think all extras (8 and 9 extra power ups, respawn, etc) should be disabled in an eSports setting to have a fair outcome.



    You got me wrong.

    I ment to say that for 1 vs 1 modes the 8-player map is a must.

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