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    So they said that you guys are working with the UNITY platform now, I would like to know what the old platform of the game was and why they chose UNITY.
    Because it has the same game as Supercell that has its own platform and other games already prefer to use UNITY, UNREAL, CryENGINE ETC …

    And the old characters were created by the right Maya autodesk …?¿


    Bomb Buddies with originally written in C++. On the PC, we used DirectX for graphics, input, and sound.

    Blast Zone and now Blast Zone! Tournament are in Unity written in C#.

    There are various issues with C++ development:

    1. Testing a single chance could take 45 minutes due to compile time. In C#, compile time is 2 or 3 seconds.

    2. DirectX and all hardware specific implementation in C++ must be handled by the development team. For example, different sound and video cards have different hardware glitches. In C++, we would discover and fix these issues one at a time. In Unity, they have a massive team of people ensuring compability with various hardware devices (saves us lots of time). The time requirements escalate considerably when you start looking at making PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Android, iOS, … versions. Unity and game engines in general make all this much faster, easier, and less buggy.

    In terms of Unity vs Crytek or Unreal, Unity had advantages:

    1. Great terms of service (cost is reasonable)

    2. C# is development results inless buggy code than C++

    3. Unity has a massive community, message boards, and online store of plugins to make it even easier and faster to solve problems

    4. Unity is evolving faster than any other engine. Mike Acton, Insomniac’s former tech director, has even started working at Unity to help with multithreaded performance

    We have been very happy with using Unity.

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