Statistics Option, Power-Ups Settings and Map Creator

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    • Add personal statistics

    – Level
    – Points earned
    – Number of games played
    – Kill/Death


    • Add Power-Ups Settings

    – Option for the creator of the room


    • Map Creator (VIP) if possible!

    VIP Players can create your own map:
    Add destructible / indestructible walls, power-ups, arrows, jumps among others.

    Would be very good as it would help in the sale of vip!
    And generate more profit for you 🙂


    Map Creator Example:

    [url=]image free hosting[/url]


     Thiago Esquiavam 

    Nice, good idea!


    Would be a good thing even if you put some editable map,
    For example, I can put destructible and indestructible blocks anywhere on the map ….

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