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    Good administrators of BOMB BUDDIES (blast zone) …
    It’s okay that you want to make a surprise or something similar, but I think it’s past time for you to release some image or video of the new bomb buddies, because the only images you show are old, there’s already a huge community in the face And a group of wats zap that I and a galera have done, and everyone is anxious, but many are disappointed not so much by the delay but by the fact that already done more than 6 months and you do not have the consideration to show just a simple image, Even if it’s half or half blurred just to make a suspense kkkkkkk, to rejoice and already enjoyed and make videos ourselves to help the disclosures …

    We are all waiting for the brief launch of this new game and hopeful for a more lively competitive interactive and addictive bomb buddies as ever …

    We wait for a reply please without vacuum



    While the bomb buddies are not back we are spending money on the clash royale …


     Renan Francisco

    Eles nem respondem 🙁

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