32-player “Battle Royale” multiplayer is a blast!

Last week, we began testing BZT’s new 32-player online multiplayer “Battle Royale” game boards. Simply put, they are awesome! Now, we are considering which ways to use them in BZT: COOP modes, knockout tournaments, Slither.io-like persistent games, … We have used 20×20 tile boards for 32-players and it feels pretty good yet we need to design more layouts. We already have 140 13×11 tile and 140 17×11 tile multiplayer boards. 13×11 tile boards support up to 6 players. 17×11 tile boards support up to 8 players. One might think having 280 unique multiplayer maps would be enough, yet we wanted to do something truly special for BZT!

How would you like us to use the 32-player boards?

  1. Sulman Gujjar 3 years ago

    32 players,,, omg its really gonna be A BLAST 😀
    just waiting waiting xD
    i wish to be the first one to LOG in BZT 😀 hehe

  2. Thiago Esquiavam 3 years ago

    The bigger the better. More room to move more cautiously.

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