Blast Zone! Tournament Dev Update

Hi everyone!

As mentioned last week, our 2 big projects right now are the in-game renderer and the new UI. Work continues on the character renderer to ensure that our bombers look amazing! And on the UI side of things, we are looking at a lot of games – with special emphasis on Rocket League’s and Overwatch’s UIs. Rocket League uses a lot of icons, has rounded corners, and has a bit of a 3d feel. Overwatch uses a responsive mostly flat UI with few icons other than where completely necessary. We are using the main menu and customization screens as our testing areas. One challenge we have is that the male bomber has 70 unique faces; so, an Overwatch style list is very long. We are experimenting with different ideas to determine the correct feel for BZT’s UI. We are working toward both a publically shared video and a playable demo for Microsoft.


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